• Learn valuable skills for your résumé
  • Meet helpful contacts in organizations around Chicago and even around the world
  • Help make the world a better place

Partners that Wright College students work with include:

  • The U.S. Department of State  — As part of Diplomacy Lab, students collaborate with Embassy and Consulate officials around the world to provide research for the Department’s work. See upcoming Diplomacy lab projects under News tab.
  • Wonder Works Museum in Oak Park — Students work with children and Museum officials, allowing students to put into immediate use what they are learning about children’s cognitive development.
  • Logan Square Neighborhood Association — Students work with the Association on issues of immigration, housing and health.
  • And there are many other possibilities!

Service learning courses (those designated with a “6”):

  • Will engage you with real world problems
  • Allow you to learn more about your community
  • Enable you to learn actively, not just through lecture or in class
  • Foster relationships with fellow students, faculty and outside professionals
  • Help develop career-related skills, such as working as a member of a team, communicating effectively and solving problems

Here is what students have said about their service learning experiences:

“I was very excited to learn that everything that I was being taught and learned in theory could be implemented in the real world.”

“I appreciate the opportunity that was presented by the service learning project. Classrooms teach a lot but hands on experiences are the best teachers and I wouldn’t trade my experience because of the many wonderful people I met.”

“The service helped me to understand better what I want to study. Service learning hours also help you to see if that is what you want to study.”

Wright College offers numerous service learning classes in a variety of disciplines.

For more information regarding service learning, contact:

Merry Mayer
Service Learning Coordinator