Spring 2021 GBSJ Editorial Board:

Yaryna Dyakiv, Editor-in-Chief
Yaryna grew up in Ukraine and moved to the United States two years ago. Her experiences at Wright College have been both intellectually stimulating and personally rewarding, and Yaryna is excited to take what she has learned with her into the next phase of her academic journey. Yaryna loves to travel, spend time in nature, write poetry, and play the piano, and she is always ready to consider new ideas and broaden her perspective. She cannot imagine her life without family, friends, and music. After graduation, Yaryna will pursue a degree in neuroscience. 

Melissa Glontea, Senior Associate Editor
Melissa was born and raised in Chicago, where she has been blessed with the love and support of wonderful family and friends. Melissa is in awe of the miracle of Being and hopes to continue to explore and address the joys, challenges, and mysteries of life through professional and artistic modes in the future. Melissa is grateful to have been awarded the Wilbur Wright College Honors Program full tuition scholarship to Elmhurst University, where she will complete her bachelor’s degree in psychology, with minors in political science and sociology. 

Sara Walls, Senior Associate Editor
Sara is a twenty-four-year-old artist and choreographer finishing her year as a student at Wright College. She will be continuing her studies at the School of Art institute of Chicago, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio with a focus in Performance Art. Sara is so grateful for her year at Wright and hopes to continue her research and study of English Literature and writing in the future.

Angela Garzón, Associate Editor
Angela is a first-generation student who returned to Wright College after a four year break from school. She completes her associate degree in Science this spring and plans to study rehabilitation sciences to become an occupational therapist. She enjoys spending time with her family and three dogs who are her biggest support system.

Dianna Garzón, Associate Editor
Dianna is a first-generation Political Science major at Wilbur Wright College. During her two years at Wright, she has participated in political research through Diplomacy Lab, prioritized civic engagement as the Wright Census Fellow, and advocated for students as President of our Student Government Association. Now, as Dianna graduates as Wright College’s 2021 Valedictorian, she hopes to continue her co-curricular involvement and delve further into her passion for law.

Sofie Kellar, Associate Editor
Sofie is a Wright College student enthusiastic about literature and philosophy, and she enjoys discussing the marvels of the world with her colleagues. She plans to study the Classics at Hillsdale College as a freshman this fall, aspiring to become a studious thinker and influential writer of fantasy fiction.

Dinaz Wadia, Associate Editor
Dinaz lives in Chicago and is currently a sophomore at Wright College. She plans to receive her associates in art and then transfer to a four-year university. She enjoys her experience at Wright and will be excited to continue with her education. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sewing, and hiking.

Katrina Overfield, Assistant Editor
Katrina is a future finance major currently attending Wilbur Wright College. She has always had a passion for literature and speaking about different texts in depth. She is a member of The Great Books Student Society, Great Books Symposium Journal, Phi Theta Kappa and Honors program.

Michael Petersen, Faculty Advisor and Editor
Michael Petersen has been a professor at Wright College since 1999. He teaches literature and composition and is interested in Shakespeare studies, medieval and early modern literature, nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and American literature, and film. He received his Ph.D. from Northern Illinois University, and his dissertation discussed couplets and sententia in Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Spring 2021 Faculty Editorial Panel:

Aleisha Balestri, English Department
Elizabeth Bobo, English Department, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lorena Iribe Bracho, Humanities Department
Helen Doss, English Department
Justin Holt, Humanities Department
Lillian Huerta, Humanities Department, Austin Community College (TX)
Jean Lauer, Humanities Department, Austin Community College (TX)
Michael Mauritzen, English Department, Oakton Community College
Jose Moctezuma, English Department
Suzanne Sanders, Instructor, University of California, San Diego Extension
Natasha Todorovich, English Department
Brendon Zatirka, English Department

Spring 2021 Graphic Design Board 

Melissa Glontea, Cover Design
Sara Walls, Logo Design
Yaryna Dyakiv, Consultant

Spring 2021 GBSJ Web Development:

Jeff Jirout, Director of IT
Yaryna Dyakiv, Lead Developer
Melissa Glontea, Associate Developer
Sara Walls, Associate Developer
Katrina Overfield, Assistant Developer
Amanda Jiang, Web Design
Allen Loomis, Creator of the Online Journal

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