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Published on May 22nd, 2014 | by editor


Wright College Campus Lockdown Procedures

The following procedures are designed to help prepare Wright College students, faculty and staff for incidents requiring a campus lockdown. It is important that everyone become familiar with their surroundings and determine the best approach to assure their safety in the event of an internal threat on campus. For a printable version of these procedures, please click here.

Purpose of Campus Lockdown:exclamation_sign The purpose of a lockdown is to minimize accessibility to rooms on campus to reduce the risk of injury or danger to faculty, staff, students or visitors.

Incidents Requiring a Lockdown:

  • Person(s) armed with firearm or weapon on campus property
  • Gunshots directed at or near the college campus
  • Police incidents involving dangerous person(s) that are adjacent to or within a short distance of the campus
  • Intruders, hazardous chemical spills, gas leaks, electrical conditions or disasters close to the college campus

These examples are not absolute but reflect the type of situation that may require a lockdown.

General Lockdown Procedures

The following announcement will be made: 

“This is a lockdown, repeat, this is a lockdown. We have an emergency. Go to the nearest office or classroom and secure yourself inside.”

In the event of a command to lockdown:

  • Try to remain calm — and follow instructions of a Wright College Public Safety officer or designated official.
  • Remain indoors and go to the nearest room. Try to stay away from windows.
  • Do not seek shelter in open areas such as hallways or corridors. Go to the nearest classroom, office, conference or storage room that can be locked.
  • Once a “lockdown” has been initiated, individuals are not allowed to leave buildings unless an “all clear” has been sounded or otherwise directed by a Wright College Public Safety officer or designated official.
  • If you are in a room that cannot be locked, try to find a space that has a locking door or barricade the door if possible.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Stay away from windows; this may require hiding under a desk or behind furniture.
  • Remain silent so as not to attract attention.
  • Turn off all radios or other devices that emit sound. Silence cell phones.
  • Only use a cell phone to contact Wright College Public Safety or law enforcement.
  • If gunshots are heard, lay on the floor, preferably behind a heavy object, such as a desk, table or filing cabinet.
  • If appropriate, turn off appliances to reduce noise or the threat of a fire.
  • If outdoors, seek shelter behind a building, wall or large tree.
  • It is important to hide from a shooter.
  • If there is a group of individuals clustered together (such as in a classroom or meeting), compile names to make sure everyone is accounted for should an evacuation be necessary.
  • Do not unlock doors or attempt to leave until instructed to do so by Wright College Public Safety or the designated official.
  • Always stay alert to rapidly changing and dynamic situations. Staying calm is crucial. Hysteria can lead to making poor decisions or taking needless risks.

When the condition causing the lockdown has been resolved, an “all clear — lockdown is over” announcement will be made over the campus paging system and you will be directed to resume normal activities.

If you have any questions or concerns about these procedures, please contact Wright College Security Director Jack Murphy via email or by calling 773.481-8124.

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