After completing high school at Sullivan High School, Tosin applied, and he was offered admission to U of I. Due to legal and financial reasons, Tosin decided to apply to Engineering Pathway at Wright College. He was the last student accepted to Wright College’s Inaugural Engineering Pathway Cohort. At Wright College, Tosin was a STAR scholar. He was involved in reactivating the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) in which he also served a secretary. Tosin interned at Civiltech Engineering in Summer 2017. Upon transferring to U of I, Tosin received two grants. In addition, he received an Engineering Pathway scholarship for 2.5years and a private scholarship for his housing. Currently, Tosin is the National Society of Black Engineers’ historian, a member of SHPE, iRobotics, and Morill Engineering Program. What is compelling about Tosin’s story is, after dealing with legal and financial hardships, he gave himself a second chance. As a very active member of the U of I community, Tosin will soon graduate as an Electrical Engineer from his dream school at no cost.

My two years at Wilbur Wright College were filled with events that fostered major growth in various aspects of my life. It was nothing like I imagined for a community college. It was one of the scariest, exciting, stressful, and unique experiences of my life. I enrolled in community college, mainly because my legal and my financial situation hindered me from attending my dream school, UIUC. From the first day, I recognized Wright College meant something more than just a safety net for high school graduate. Wright College helped me transition from high school to a larger world full of diverse people and experiences. Luckily, I was accepted into the first and only Engineering Pathway program at the City of Chicago that gave me the opportunity to challenge myself by taking rigorous courses in alignment with U of I’s engineering curriculum. My peers are like-minded, driven students from different geographic and cultural backgrounds with one common goal: to excel. With them, I didn’t feel alone in this journey. We always challenged and helped each other grow academically and professionally. All in all my experience at Wright College, coupled with a rigorous Engineering Pathways program, provided me with the academic skills and an attitude of growth that will forever remain with me.


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